Why Lymphatic Drainage Massage is Good after Surgery in North Lauderdale, FL

Why Lymphatic Drainage Massage is Good after Surgery in North Lauderdale, FL

Why Lymphatic Drainage Massage is Good after Surgery in North Lauderdale, FL

Lymphatic drainage massage is designed to help the body by removing excess fluid and toxins from the tissues. Doing so helps reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.  You can benefit the healing process with a treatment that can help you to reduce swelling and move lymphatic fluid to help your body gently detox without risk of injury.  Ask your doctor if a lymphatic drainage massage might be right for you if you are scheduled for a surgery.  Today, we at Massage Miami Central would like to discuss how lymphatic drainage massage helps you recover after a surgery.

How Lymphatic Drainage Massage Helps After Surgery

By helping to remove waste products and excess fluids from the tissues, lymphatic drainage massage helps the body recover after surgery.  To aid in fighting infection and boost the immune system, this massage also helps to stimulate the lymph nodes and improve lymph circulation.  Also, lymphatic drainage massage contributes to reduce swelling, pain, and inflammation. A gentle massage that uses very light pressure and slow, rhythmic strokes to stimulate the lymphatic system is manual lymphatic drainage treatment. Though specialized equipment can be used, it is usually done with the hands.  Generally, to help stimulate lymph flow, the therapist will start by massaging the lymph nodes in the neck and armpits.  Using gentle strokes on the abdomen, sides, back, and legs, they will then work their way down the body. 

Techniques for Lymphatic Drainage Massage

To improve blood flow, lymph flow, and drainage, there are several lymphatic massage techniques that can be used.  Along the direction of the lymphatic vessels, gentle pressure is applied with one technique. A light tapping or vibrating motion is another technique.  A technique known as compression might also be used to help stimulate lymphatic fluid is also a common technique used.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Helps Reduce Pain, Swelling & Inflammation

As mentioned, by stimulating the flow of lymph fluid, lymphatic drainage massage helps reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation.  Also, blood circulation is improved, which promotes healing with massage strokes.  With all these benefits, this massage ultimately helps reduce pain and discomfort after surgery. Talk to your doctor or a licensed massage therapist if you’re interested in trying lymphatic drainage massage. When they’re done immediately after exercise, some people find that lymphatic drainage massages are most effective whereas others find that they work best when they’re done on a regular basis, such as once or twice a week.  A person needs to experiment and see what works best for them. Depending on the type of surgery you had, it may be recommended to wait a few days or weeks after surgery.

When Lymphatic Drainage Massage Should Not Be Done

Lymphatic drainage massages should not be done on people with cancer and women who are pregnant.  Also, for people who have a fever, or an infection lymphatic drainage massage are also not recommended.   Talk to your doctor before scheduling a session if you’re not sure if a lymphatic drainage massage is right for you.

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