What Kind of Massage is Best for Muscle Knots in Deerfield Beach, FL? Deep Tissue or Sports Massages?

What Kind of Massage is Best for Muscle Knots in Deerfield Beach, FL? Deep Tissue or Sports Massages?

What Kind of Massage is Best for Muscle Knots in Deerfield Beach, FL? Deep Tissue or Sports Massages?

Do you have knots that cause chronic pain and soreness? Knots are lumps or bumps that form along the muscle which are known as Myofascial trigger points. There are two major types of muscle knots; the active muscle knot or the latent muscle knot. A latent muscle knot is only painful when there is pressure applied to the knot. The active muscle knots are always painful and often lead to a lot of soreness. Luckily, there are ways to rid your body of these painful muscle knots, and that is with massage therapy. There are a few different types of massage styles that can get rid of muscle knots. Massage Miami Central will share which massage types can get rid of your muscle knot.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage works wonders when getting rid of knots. A deep tissue massage involves using slow but firm strokes of pressure. This massage style focuses on reaching the deeper layers of the muscle and fascia where the knots typically form. A deep tissue massage can reduce muscle tension and break down scar tissue that formed due to an injury. A deep tissue massage also helps to promote blood flow and reduces inflammation around the muscle. This helps to break down knots. When working out a knot it requires a lot of attention to the site which can leave the muscle and the knot feeling sore. Depending on the size or severity of the knot, it may take multiple sessions to get the knots worked out.

Sport Massage

Sport massages are another great style of massage that can help remove muscle knots. A sport massage involves the manipulation of the soft muscle tissue, particularly around the site of injuries and knots. Sport and other demanding activities along with stress is the perfect recipe for knots. Those who play sports and other athletics are some of the primary groups to develop painful active muscle knots. A sport massage is also specialized for the targeting and the removing of knots and improving the recovery of injuries. One of the key elements of a sport massage is the drainage of the lactic acid the body naturally produces during an injury. The lactic acid is often responsible for the solidifying and forming of knots. Not only will sport massages help work out knots, but they are also great for preventing them from forming. For those who demand a lot out of their body, you will greatly benefit from regular sport massages.

Treating Muscle Knots

Muscle knots are very painful. When it comes to active knots, you carry that pain with you all day long. Latent knots are often those hidden knots that can cause pain when stretching and moving the muscle. When you find a latent knot you will know it when applying pressure to the trigger points. When you have latent or active knots you can treat them with deep tissue or sport massages. After receiving a massage you will feel soreness when working out a knot. To help relieve the pain apply heat to the site. To help get rid of knots use cold presses every 10 minutes which will reduce the buildup of the lactic acid and prevent inflammation.

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Muscle knots can reduce your quality of life and cause chronic pain. If you have muscle knots that you need help removing, contact Massage Miami Central. We provide both deep tissue and sport massages and we come to you!

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