What is the Healing Power of Massage in Pinecrest, FL? What to Expect & More

What is the Healing Power of Massage in Pinecrest, FL? What to Expect & More

What is the Healing Power of Massage in Pinecrest, FL? What to Expect & More

There are many ways to better care for ourselves. The body needs good food, plenty of water and exercise. But, there is still more you can do to promote better health. Every day we put our body and mind through stress that reduces our quality of life. It is important to treat both body and mind. One of the best healing methods for both your body and mind is with massage therapy. Massage therapy can help the body physically heal as well as remove stress. During a massage you are healing. Massage Miami Central would like to share how massage therapy can help heal the body and mind.  

What Should I Expect at My First Massage?

Massages can trigger a number of different physiological reactions that promote healing. The reaction and response can vary depending on the type of massage your body receives. In general, massages help to promote blood circulation, increase the flow of oxygen to the organs and tissues, loosen tight muscles, reduce heart rate and increases the body’s energy. The overall results of a full body massage can help the body heal. By reducing stress you also help your well-being which is often referred to as healing of the mind.

What is the Best Type of Massage?

In general, a massage heals both the body and mind. However, there are many different types or styles of massages that can help heal the body, depending on the person’s condition. Some styles of massages such as lymphatic massages help to drain an enlarged lymphoid and helps to reduce swelling. Shiatsu massages incorporates stretching, muscle relaxation, and stimulates the body’s energy flow. Swedish massages help to relax the body and reduce stress. For those that run, do intense workouts or play sports, you would want to consider getting sport massages. Sport massages help loosen tightened muscles due to your work out and promote blood flow and relaxation of the muscles. You will need to see which massage style is right for you. Each person varies on what they need to improve or what their needs are when it comes to healing. However, massage therapy has been well studied and does have a number of healing benefits. If your body has a recent injury and you need help improving your body’s health, consider incorporating a massage into your plans.

When Should You Get a Massage?

There are a number of different circumstances where you will find you want to consider scheduling a massage. Massages are a great way to help maintain your body and mind. That is reason enough to get a massage. But, there are times where the body may need a bit more help. When your muscles are extremely tight, or you have an injury, you are not sleeping or you are dealing with a lot of stress, it is time to schedule a massage. A quality massage session may be what your body and mind needs to heal and for you to start feeling better as well as get a good night’s sleep.

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