What is Fascia in Massage Therapy in Miami, FL? Who Benefits from Fascial Stretching?

What is Fascia in Massage Therapy in Miami, FL? Who Benefits from Fascial Stretching?

What is Fascia in Massage Therapy in Miami, FL? Who Benefits from Fascia Stretching?

If you have had massages in the past, there is a good chance you have heard a massage therapist refer to fascia. However, you may not understand what it means and how it applies to massage therapy. It is definitely a term that is focused on in the massage world, but you wouldn’t likely hear much talk of it outside of that setting. Massage Miami Central is here to talk about what fascia is and how important it is in massage therapy.

What is Fascia in Massage Therapy?

Fascia can be something that seems difficult to explain as well as completely understand. Fascia is a connective tissue that is made of collagen. It wraps around muscles and internal organs found in the human body. If the fascia found in your body isn’t stretched out and massaged, it can lead to discomfort and stiffness.

Is Fascia Stretching During a Massage Beneficial?

There are several benefits that come when you make sure your fascia is stretched out using massage therapy. Fascia can play a big role in the restrictions you can have on your body. This is why fascia is often a large focus for massage therapists. They understand that when you work the fascia and open up the body, the client will see a decrease in pain, increased range of motion, and enhanced flexibility. Stretching out fascia or fascial therapy can help clients see improved joint mobilization and diminished impairments and imbalances. Fascia actually plays a role in knots that many people go to massage therapists to get rid of. This is basically a buildup of fascia that needs to be broken down. When broken down, it can be incredibly therapeutic.

Who Benefits from Fascial Stretch Therapy

There is no single group of people that benefit more than another when it comes to fascial therapy. It can help almost anyone feel much better with less pain. When you have fascial tightness, you may not even realize it until you have it worked on by a massage therapist. People who have posture problems, movement dysfunction, or are heavily involved in athletics, you may see some incredibly advantages when you call on a massage therapist for fascial therapy. This web of connective tissue is found all throughout the body and plays a big part in your movement and how it feels. This type of massage therapy can benefit everyone and help treat a variety of issues that can be found in your body.

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