What is a Sports Massage for in Gladeview, FL? What Happens to Body After & More

What is a Sports Massage for in Gladeview, FL? What Happens to Body After & More

What is a Sports Massage for in Gladeview, FL? What Happens to Body After & More

Sports massage is a tool that can be used to support an athlete performing in their preferred competitive sport, for example, training to run a triathlon. Some of the many benefits of sports massage include preparing for a competition, improving athletic performance, recovering more quickly, and treating injuries. Some specific conditions that can benefit from sports massage include muscle pain, strain, stiffness, swelling, soreness, tension, repetitive strain injuries, tendinitis, and improved blood flow. Massage Miami Central delves more into sport massages below.

What is a Sports Massage For?

Sports massage is best defined as a technique to support an athlete to improve their performance and recovery. Some methods used by your Massage Miami Central massage therapist include deep tissue massage to aid recovery and increase muscle blood flow. Sports massage can even focus on lymphatic support to assist in performance, especially for serious athletes.

What Happens to Your Body After a Sports Massage?

As with any treatment, discussing what to expect after your sports massage with your Massage Miami Central therapist is essential. Some side effects you may experience include tenderness or stiffness and topical skin reactions from the use of lotion and oil during your session. Speak with your Massage Miami Central therapist before your appointment about any concerns you have. If you have been diagnosed with a medical condition such as cancer, high blood pressure, inflammation caused by tissue damage, varicose veins, or a skin condition, consult your physician to discuss your options before booking an appointment for a massage treatment.

Advantages of a Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy supports an athlete’s goals during training and performance and includes warm-up or pre-competition massage, competition massage, and post-competition massage. For example, training before the event involves warming and energizing the muscles. Your Massage Miami Central massage specialist will use techniques to warm up the tissue without creating micro tears in the muscle fibers. During competitions requiring you to participate in events on consecutive days, your Massage Miami Central specialist will use techniques to encourage blood flow to help you perform consistently. After the competition, your body will need time to recover. Your Massage Miami Central professional will use deep tissue massage therapy to help you recover more quickly.

How Do I Know if I Need a Sports Massage?

Suppose you regularly compete in athletic events and competitions and don’t have the time to allow your body to heal and recover independently. In that case, sports massage is an excellent choice and highly beneficial. Discuss the detail of your particular sport, including your personal goals and itinerary, with your Massage Miami Central masseuse. Communicating your objectives will ensure you receive a customized service exceeding your expectations.

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