What is a Prenatal Massage in Coconut Creek, FL? It Massage OK During Pregnancy?

What is a Prenatal Massage in Coconut Creek, FL? It Massage OK During Pregnancy?

What is a Prenatal Massage in Coconut Creek, FL? It Massage OK During Pregnancy?

Being similar to a traditional massage in the sense that the professional massage therapist applies pressure to your muscles, a pregnancy massage helps provide of relaxation and pain relief.  Since pregnancy tends to inflict more pain and stress, massage can even be more beneficial for pregnant woman. However, some people want to know what makes pregnancy massage different.  Generally, ensuring both the pregnant client and the therapist is comfortable and safe is what it comes down to. A pregnant woman’s body, for example, has some sensitive points that need to be treated carefully.  There are a lot of changes during pregnancy, and though the legs, lower back, and abdomen can regularly take a lot of pressure, there should be lighter pressure used during pregnancy. Especially as their belly grows, many women also find traditional massage positions uncomfortable.  In order to make sure you are able to rest comfortably for the duration of the massage, massage therapists will use a wide variety of positions and apparatuses.  With this in mind, we at Massage Miami Central would like to discuss massage for expecting mothers.

Is Massage Safe During Pregnancy?

Your number one concern is the safety of the little one growing inside you if you are pregnant.   We can understand why you might be wary of a pregnancy massage between the heavy amounts of pressure and lying on your stomach. Massages are considered safe for most women throughout their pregnancy, though you definitely need to follow some basic safety guidelines.  While experiencing less painful and shorter, studies show women who get pregnancy massages have decreased instances of depression, anxiety, and leg and back pain.  With these ideal benefits, struggling moms trying to find comfort can really find massage a perfect solution.  Before you begin them, however, it is always important you discuss any alternative health treatments with your doctor.  No matter if you love the idea of pregnancy massages or you still have concerns, be sure to visit your doctor and get their recommendations.

Why Pregnancy Massages are Beneficial

For those that are pregnant, there are massage benefits that are commonly experienced by other pregnant ladies that are shared below. Particularly if you are having some of the common struggles of pregnancy, such as muscle tension, surging hormones, back pain, or stress, since pregnancy massage can help.

  • Back Pain is Improved
  • Swelling Decreases
  • General Muscle Tension is Relaxed
  • Hormones can be More Regulated
  • Depression Decreases
  • Stress is Reduced
  • Sciatic Pain is Lessened
  • Sleep is Bettered
  • Labor is a Shortened

Many pregnancies can make daily life uncomfortable, where others can be nearly unbearable.   Everyone woman experiences different things and even with each pregnancy.  No matter if you pregnancy is easy-breezy, or you are enduring a lot of discomfort and heightened effects of pregnancy, massage can really help you find the comfort and relief you are looking for.  

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The therapists of Massage Miami Beach understands that massage for a pregnant client differs from others.  We will ensure you and your little one are safe while helping you find the comfort you are looking for.

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