What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy for Kids in Sunrise, FL? Helps with ADHD & More

What are the Benefits of Massage Therapy for Kids in Sunrise, FL? Helps with ADHD & More

When most people think about massage therapy, they think about taking an afternoon to go in for some relaxation. There are so many other ways that massage therapy can help enrich your life though. One area that many people don’t think about is massage therapy for children. There are several ways that massage therapy for your children can help them with their development and overall health. Massage Miami Central is here to talk about some of the ways you can see your child benefit from massage therapy.

Benefits of Pediatric Massage Therapy

There are many things that kids struggle with today. Mental illness seems to be something that is reaching unprecedented levels. Not only that, but there are a lot of different activities that kids are involved in that could benefit from massage therapy. Following are some of the ways you may see your child benefit from it.

  • Massage Stimulates Growth & Development: Everyone wants to think that their child is growing and developing the way that they need to. However, if you have had a premature baby, growth and development is a bigger issue than with most kids. Massage therapy has been found to help premature infants with their growth and development as well as older children.
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety with Massage: Believe it or not, but during a massage your body releases what is called dopamine. This can help your body relax and let go of stress. It will also decrease cortisol. This can be helpful of children that struggle with anxiety and stress surrounding several aspects of their lives.
  • Massage Helps Manage ADHD: More and more children are being diagnosed with ADHD on a daily basis. If you have a child that struggles with this and are looking for a natural way to help them, massage therapy may be the answer. It has been shown to decrease fidgeting and increase focus in children that struggle with ADHD.
  • Improve Sleep with Massage: Studies have shown that sleep is incredibly important in the development of your child. Their overall health depends on them getting enough sleep. Sleep is one of the biggest areas in a person’s life that is improved with regular massage therapy. If your child struggles with any sleeping disorder, you may want to try massage therapy to help them.

Start Massage Therapy at Home

Even if you have decided that you want to introduce your child to the world of massage therapy, it is best to try it at home first. This will help them get used to the sensation of massage therapy, so they are ready to have a professional massage therapist help them achieve their health and wellness goals later.

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