Principles of Sports Massage in Westchester, FL; Timing, Techniques & Intent

Principles of Sports Massage in Westchester, FL; Timing, Techniques & Intent

In order to achieve a specific goal when treating an athlete, sports massage is the specific application of massage techniques, hydrotherapy protocols, range of motion and flexibility modalities as well as strength-training principles utilized.  When it comes to sports massage, there are a few key principals that we at Massage Miami Central would like to share today. 

What are the Principles of Sports Massage?

There are three specific principles vital to the understanding of sports massage for athletes.  These principals are Timing, Technique and Intent.  The basics of these principals are outlined below.

                1)  Timing.   When the massage is given is what is referred to as timing.  For instance, when the massage is taking place on the athlete prior to competition or post-event during recovery matters.  Also, whether massage therapy is to help an athlete recover from injury or more suitable as maintenance is taken into account.  To ensure the massage is most beneficial, knowing when massage is most appropriate and helpful to an athlete is essential. 

                2)  Techniques.  Indicating what massage modality, or combination of massage modalities, is best at any given time are the techniques is more obvious.   When working with athletes, including effleurage, vibration, shaking, compression, friction, pettrisage, broadening strokes, direct pressure, cross-fiber friction, as well as techniques that help increase range of motion, a number of different techniques can be effective.

                3)  Intent.  The reason or reasons for using massage therapy and specific massage techniques is the intent.   For instance, execution may be indicated if it is helping athletes warm up, the athlete needs to maximize blood circulation, if it is helping recover from exertion, or if the massage needs to help increase or maintain range of motion.  Experts can develop a massage session that gives the most benefit when you understand what the athlete is hoping to accomplish. 

How Do You Manage Time, Technique & Intent Effectively During a Sports Massage Treatment?

A few examples of how timing, technique and intent work is what we want to look into now.  Below are a few instances of understanding the when, what, and why of sports massage and its importance. 

                1)  Techniques such as friction, compression, shaking and stretching are used if the intention is to provide a pre-event massage, and the intent is to warm-up and increase blood flow. 

                2)  It is recommended to use compression, effleurage, pettrisage, broadening strokes and range of motion if a post-event massage is needed, and the intent is to aid recovery from exertion.

                3)  Prior to an ice treatment and movement, experts use compression, effleurage, and cross-fiber friction if the intent is to assist proper formation of scar tissue and the consumer is an injured athlete. 

Understanding sports massage is never as simple as learning one technique, as most professional massagers would agree to.  These three key principles should be able to apply the appropriate treatment at the appropriate time from a sports massage therapist. 

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