How to Best Enjoy a Massage in South Miami Heights, FL; Should You Eat Before or After & More

How to Best Enjoy a Massage in South Miami Heights, FL; Should You Eat Before or After & More

How to Best Enjoy a Massage in South Miami Heights, FL; Should You Eat Before or After & More

Getting massages can really help with your physical and even mental wellness.  Massage treatments are known to have many benefits.   To take advantage of such benefits, you can maximize the massage experience.   With this in mind, we at Massage Miami Central would like to share some tips on making your massage all the better. 

Best Time of Day for a Massage

Figuring out the best time to slot a massage session is the first step. Depending on what you want to get out of the massage dictates the best time to book a massage. To promote better sleep, you may want to book an evening massage so you can hop into bed straight after your session if you’re looking for deep relaxation. On the other hand, a morning massage to help you start your day feeling relaxed may be your best bet you’ve got a big day ahead and want to relieve those pre-meeting jitters.  Consider how you feel following a massage and schedule according. 

Should You Eat Before or After a Massage?

Eating can make you feel more bloated and tired during your session, so it’s not recommended to eat two hours before your massage as it stimulates digestion. Opt for something light like some fruit or veggies as a snack and give yourself some time to digest it before your massage and avoid eating big meals that are quite filling right before your booking.  As this can make you feel bloated and sluggish instead of feeling energized, try to avoid a heavy meal after your massage session.  If you’re feeling hungry try a nourishing poke bowl or veggie stir fry with some rice, a light snack should do the trick. 

Should You Drink Before or After Massage?

Key to reaping the full benefits of your massage is keeping your body hydrated before and after your booking.  Before and after your massage to stay hydrated, you should be drinking plenty of water throughout the day.  Also, drinking water helps to clear your lymphatic system.  Additionally, drink plenty of water after your massage as your muscles can get dehydrated during the treatment. Alcohol before and after your massage, avoid caffeine and alcohol, swap it with some herbal tea instead or just stick to water.  Since drinking alcohol weakens the body’s immune system which essentially cancels out the positive effects of massages which strengthen the immune system, its a good idea to hit the pause button on drinking alcohol before and after your massage.

Is it OK to Shower Before or After the Massage?

Some massages use oils that can make your skin feel sticky, so showering after your session might be the better option.   Ultimately, it is up to how you want to proceed when it comes to showering. 

Can I Get a Massage if I am Hairy?

Whipping out the razor and shaving prior to your massage can make you feel more comfortable during your session, though it is not necessary.  This is also a personal preference.  Shaving your legs may make you feel less stressed about the massage process and therefore can help you relax more during your session, however, your massage therapist has worked with hundreds of different clients and won’t mind if you don’t shave your legs. 

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