How Can Massage Release the Tension I am Holding in My Body in Westwood Lakes, FL?

How Can Massage Release the Tension I am Holding in My Body in Westwood Lakes, FL?

How Can Massage Release the Tension I am Holding in My Body in Westwood Lakes, FL?

There are several ways that your body holds stress or tension. When you’re holding onto tension, it can feel like there is a heavy weight just sitting on top of your muscles. It is important to find ways to release this muscle tension so that you can live a pain free life. Massage Miami Central is here to talk about the most common parts of the body that hold onto tension.

What Causes Your Body to Hold Tension?

When it comes to your muscles and the tension that they hold, there are several different causes for this tension. Some of the most common ones include:

  • Engaging in a physical job or repeated movements
  • Participating in a strenuous workout
  • Experiencing psychological stress without finding a way to relieve it

If the body is constantly experiencing stress, the way that it responds to stress can be through tense muscles. Your body’s stress response includes cortisol and other stress related hormones that your body can become accustomed to. This can lead to extremely tense muscles and chronic pain.

Different Body Parts That Hold Tension

There are several parts of your body that hold onto tension. Here is a closer look at the most common ones:

  • Upper Body: When you experience tension in the upper body, you will more than likely see it present itself in the head, jaw or neck and shoulders. This can lead to issues like TMJ, migraines, and neck or shoulder stiffness.
  • Mid Body: Some people will carry their tension in the middle part of the body. This tension usually shows up in the stomach or the hips. Tension in the stomach can lead to tight or nervous feeling tummy. Anyone who has experienced this will tell you, it isn’t ideal. If you carry tension in your hips, many people experience pain in the hip flexors.
  • Lower Body: Lower body tension usually presents itself in the legs and the feet. There are a lot of nerve endings found in the feet which can leave you feeling extremely uncomfortable when you hold tension there. When you have tension in these areas, it is usually because you have engaged in a strenuous workout.

How to Relieve Tension with Masssage

One of the best ways to get rid of unwanted tension is to have a massage. This is a great way to release those muscles that are causing so much discomfort as they hold onto all of that tension. There are several different types of massage that your tense body can benefit from.

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At Massage Miami Central, we offer a large menu of different types of massage to help you work through tension that is being held in your muscles. You will find that you feel much better when you get rid of that tightness and tension in your body. Call us today!

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