Can You Rub & Massage a Crick in Your Neck from Sleeping Away in Cutler Bay, FL?

Can You Rub & Massage a Crick in Your Neck from Sleeping Away in Cutler Bay, FL?

Can You Rub & Massage a Crick in Your Neck from Sleeping Away in Cutler Bay, FL?

Typically, everyone has experienced waking up and feeling the discomfort in their neck and sometimes even into the shoulder. This has become known as a crick in the neck.  Though they can develop for a variety of reasons, sleeping in an incorrect position is the most common cause. Whether you moved fast in your sleep, pushed off your pillow, or turned incorrectly, a neck crick is often the result. Also, if this happens often, you may need to consider replacing your pillow for one that offers more support. Cricks in the neck can form due to injuries as well, such as whiplash or underlying conditions.  Today, we at Massage Miami Central would like to offer suggestions to find relief for neck cricks.

Slow & Smooth Movements when Neck is Stiff

It is important to take it slow at first when you realize you have a crick in your neck.  From one side to the other, see how it feels gently rolling your neck.  Also, see if your movement is hindered by nodding up and down slowly.  Avoid forcefully stretch it with your hands and cracking the neck.  You can do more harm than good as well as inflict additionally pain. 

Apply Heat to Neck

Applying some sort of heat to your neck over the crick area is the first thing to try.  If the cause of the crick in your neck is a muscle spasm, the heat will help relieve. You can get a washcloth hot and lay it on your neck, but a heating pad is the better option if you have one.  Make sure you’re in a relaxed position so the heat can do its job.   Alternate doing 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off. 

Ice Neck Area

You can try icing the area if the heat doesn’t do the job. Place an ice pack or even a frozen vegetable bag one the affected area.  Alternate 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off with the ice.   This ice will relieve the inflammation contributing to a crick in your neck.

Light Stretching

Release the tension in your neck with stretching. In a hot shower to have the heat of the water help relax your muscles at the same time, or either sitting or standing, gently rolling your head shoulder to shoulder while letting gravity pull your head down.  In order to allow your muscles to be fully stretched, the key here is trying to relax completely. Stop doing it right away to avoid pulling a muscle if stretching feels too uncomfortable or is making things worse.

Professional Massage Services

Expert massage therapists can help you relax the muscles and work the crick out of your neck and shoulders to help you find relief.   With our expertise, we will apply the right pressure and techniques to help you with the neck crick. 

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